Driving change and delivering excellence for a Global Pharmaceutical Company

Transforming culture and operations to deliver excellence across multiple areas in a global organization is no easy task. This was the challenge handed to us by a large global player in the pharmaceutical industry.

6 Minutes Life Sciences 12/14/2023


Drive change, deliver excellence, globally

The Pharma BU of a Global Pharma Company wanted to rapidly achieve excellence in Clinical Development, Product Commercialization and Healthcare Affairs.

This demanded operational changes, a cultural shift and new ways of working across three global functions: Global Medicine, Global Therapeutic Areas, Health Affairs and Patient Advocacy Relations. 

The challenge required a transformation of the operating model across the board, including modifications of the original design. Delivering a coordinated change program that ensured the success was the challenge.


Multiple teams, coordination and collaboration

We deployed a team of 10 consultants to address all critical workstreams and leverage potential synergies. This was coordinated by a Project Office led by the Internal Consulting Unit in collaboration with a-connect.

A Program Lead coordinated the integrated agenda and led on Global Medicine, together with five Consultants assigned to key workstreams: Global Medical affairs, Clinical Development, New Centers of Excellence, Recruiting, New medicine educational Unit. 

The Global Therapeutic Areas and Health Affairs efforts were supported by a Senior Consultant in charge of the two other business areas allocated to two Consultants. Each workstream was resourced with internal and a-connect team members who shared responsibilities and guaranteed client ownership for the project as well as accelerated path to implementation.

The project had three key steps

Step 1. 
Establishing the Transformation Office and develop an integrated program view. Ensuring coordination and fit of all initiatives globally. Identifying and leveraging synergies amongst areas and providing a conflict resolution mechanism.

Step 2.
Developing and executing a detailed plan (including objectives and roles and responsibilities) for each workstream in the three global functions. Teams collaborated to deliver on the project milestones.

Step 3.
Collaborating on the design and support of an ambitious change management plan, which included an engaging overall narrative, communication calendars and training programs.


A new more dynamic organization

Program objectives accomplished according to the plan, ultimately a new organization empowered to achieve faster product development (-100 days) and a more efficient infrastructure to bring products to market.  Including:

  • A renovated Global Medical Leadership Team was established to roll-out a Medicine Excellence Program.
  • The launch of a Corporate Medicine University co-branded with an Ivy League.
  • A new cross functional Therapeutic Areas structure and a new operational blueprint.
  • New centers of excellence with clear methodology (Development Operations, Medical Affairs, Healthcare & Patient affairs).

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