Executing the perfect blockbuster relaunch

When new data emerges that impacts a drug it can demand a rapid adjustment of marketing, sales and communications activity. And in certain instances, as our client discovered, it can mean a complete rebrand and relaunch. That’s no easy task when you’re also running a business and managing commercial alliances. Thankfully, our proven track record in this area can provide the necessary capability and expertise.

5 Minutes Life Sciences 01/11/2024


Rebrand and relaunch in a complex situation

Clinical data for a new, large indication meant our client had to rethink their primary care drug’s commercial strategy. However, as a major multinational, this was a complex effort. They had to develop a strategy and execute this while also running the business, without increasing staff headcount, and within the context of a commercial partnership with another pharma. We were selected to support their relaunch and rebrand because of our expertise in blockbuster launches and our ability to deploy a targeted team with a bespoke combination of skills.


Clarity, collaboration and expertise

Our team worked closely with the Therapeutic Area and brand leadership to:

  • Develop an integrated project plan and project manage the launch path.
  • Define explicit objectives and intermediate deliverables for 10+ work streams. This included different HCP specialties, payer, consumer, PR, medical and others.
  • Inject marketing support and thought leadership across work streams.
  • Identify and manage interdependencies while coordinating across both alliance partners.
  • Monitor progress over time for all work streams.
  • Provide regular updates and flag issues to stakeholders and leadership.


Performance and execution exceeded projections

We supported the execution of a world-class launch meeting and the subsequent launch. The performance and execution exceeded projections. We delivered pre-launch training for 2,500+ sales professionals across both companies; including four programming tracks to address different specialties and customer types.

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