How to find an ideal partner in a complex landscape?

Building third party relationships to uplift performance can deliver hugely positive results. However success hangs on the strategy you develop and enact to find the right partners. This is especially important if, like our client, you have quite unique processes, requirements and equipment.

5 Minutes Food 01/02/2024


Unique situations create unique requirements

Our client ran a nutritional ingredient production facility in the USA. It was operating far below optimal capacity. To remedy this, they wanted to investigate third party relationships to utilize unused manufacturing capacity – either within a tolling or other contract manufacturing models. However their facility employed a unique process, equipment design, and other operating requirements that any potential third party would have to comply with. This presented a challenge to identify suitable partners.


A structured, layered plan

Our hand-picked team of consultants designed and agreed on a structured plan, to deliver on-target project results. Key elements of the approach included:

  • Integrating with client functional teams to refine assessment criteria
  • Extensive market research to identify segments, products and companies that could co-exist with client manufacturing requirements
  • Engaging with subject matter experts to challenge/validate market research findings
  • Assessing potential leads against common criteria. Handling initial communications/reach out
  • Qualifying top priority leads, developing a handover package and organizing introductions


More than 100 potential partners screened. The perfect partners found

We developed a comprehensive understanding of the players that could utilize the available capacity from a technical, operational, and market perspective. This enabled us to screen over 100 potential third party partners. Having identified the best suited, we introduced them to client senior leadership for further evaluation. This enabled them to form a third party manufacturing relationship that met their unique requirements.

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