Optimizing legal entities post merger

When major global organizations acquire large multinationals, rationalizing their legal entities footprint can prove to be a big challenge. However, it is essential to simplify the organization, streamline processes, and control costs. This is particularly critical in the pharmaceutical sector.

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A global integration of legal entities post-merger

Our client, a major global pharma company acquired a multinational to complement its offering and geographic footprint. They established a global integration office to manage the merger and deliver post-merger synergies. Beyond the usual PMI (Post Merger Integration) work scope, the team faced significant challenges in terms of integrating and reducing the number of legal entities they had in each market. Consequently, a-connect was asked to support the Legal Entity Integration (LEI) workstream.


Establish an expert team to support and drive change

We deployed a team of 30 consultants with strong PMI experience as project managers (PMs). They supported, led, and coordinated client in-country teams as well as Regional PMI Project Managers, local Affiliate champions, and Functional Leads.

A core project success team was also mobilized to ensure a seamless deployment process

This mirrored our client´s LEI PMO organization and included a PMO team fully dedicated to the project and consultants. They provided support from onboarding through to post-closing hypercare and hand-over. The core team also ensured knowledge capture, transfer, and communication among PMs across integration waves. And equally important, they maintained a continuous improvement process for our client. In this manner, we drove the rationalization of local operations across 64 countries that we grouped into 28 clusters and executed over 6 waves of integration activities.


Successful on-time and on-budget delivery

We optimized the client’s legal entity footprint from 400+ down to less than 200. Plus, all businesses, assets, marketing authorizations, and legal contracts were efficiently transferred. This ensured business continuity with minimal disruption and, most importantly, a continuing supply of life-saving drugs to all markets during the post-merger transition.

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