We support both established and aspiring players in the global agribusiness industry to innovate and grow. Whether you want to pursue organic or inorganic growth strategies, we help you maximize your portfolio and operational value, enter new business segments, and develop and implement new business models. Our expertise allows us to provide you with tailored and customized support.


We support our clients to grow and innovate

We work with agriculture input providers, commodity traders, AgTech companies, biologicals players and Ag service providers in several established markets, including Western Europe, the USA, Brazil and also emerging markets like Southeast Asia and Africa.

Our clients choose to work with us repeatedly, here’s why:

Deep expertise to address critical challenges of the industry. We support you in expanding your biological portfolios, responding to economic changes, and restructuring your costs. All the while ensuring coherent approaches across portfolios, processes, and people.

Sustainability focus. We assist you in developing sustainable strategies, assessing your readiness, and implementing them at functional and regional levels. We have experience in developing and implementing innovative business models, and we can support you in achieving scalability and SDG targets.

Proven track record. We craft and implement transformative initiatives and new operating models to deliver substantial operational improvements. We assist you in capturing value from existing portfolios and establishing consistent commercial policies across markets, implementing new value propositions, customer segmentation, and channel strategies.


Clients we serve in top 10 Agribusiness companies


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Countries where we have delivered projects

Growth strategy and successful acquisition of an agtech…

Agribusiness Post Transaction Management

Tailoring global strategy to regional needs and promoting growth through acquisition of a agtech start…

Delivering sustainability strategies in the face of ofte…

Agribusiness Strategy Implementation

There is huge demand to increase food production whilst preserving soils, reducing emissions and biodiversity …

Our Client Service Partners

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Anuj Dhariwal

Agri & Food Practice Lead & Client Service Partner Stockholm

Experienced consultant with +15 years in Asia and Europe, specializing in strategy, M&A, external investments, and innovation in Agri-Food. Also, advises biotech startups.

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Julia Neubauer

Co-Managing Director & Client Service Partner Princeton

Julia has over 15 years of experience helping clients in the nutrition, ingredients and biotechnology sectors.

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Emeric Chevalier

Client Service Partner Zurich

Over 20 years of experience supporting clients in the ag and food industries developing and implementing successful strategies and transformations.

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Bernhard Stadler

Co-Managing Director & Client Service Partner Zurich

Bernie has 20 years of experience helping companies in the life sciences, agribusiness and food sectors transform and turning their strategic visions into tangible outcomes.


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