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If you have expertise in Consulting, Life Sciences, Agribusiness, Food, or Private Equity, do get in touch. As part of our global community of Independent Consultants, you can look forward to working with some of the world’s leading companies.

Working with a-connect

We build lasting relationships with each of our Independent Consultants. That’s why it is important that we really get to know you, as well as your skills and expertise. It enables us to match you with the ideal clients and projects. These could involve you working in standalone roles supporting our clients or with other Independent Consultants and a-connect team members. However the projects are shaped, you’ll be making a tangible difference to the organizations we support. And, equally important, your career development.

’’a-connect gives me superpowers. Not only in finding large, complex projects where I can make a difference, but also in the delivery phase where support is a text/phone call/email away.’’
Life Science
“a-connect has introduced me to new clients across the globe and helped me develop new skills on every project.”
‘’In my experience, what makes the a-connect team and ecosystem unique is the personal connection that we build with each other and with our clients.’’
Life Science
“My daily work serves as a foundation for both personal and professional development, and through a-connect, I gain exposure to diverse and challenging projects with renowned clients since 2011.”
Life Science
“I love working with a-connect because they genuinely care and consistently find challenging projects that fit my interests and allow me to further develop professionally.’’
Life Science & Agribusiness
“I enjoy working with a-connect because of the people and collaborative approach. My a-connect colleagues and I are more than just individuals staffed to a project. We are a diverse group of consultants that bring out the best of each other while working hand-in-hand with our clients to deliver lasting impact.”
Life Science
“What I love most about working with a-connect is the exceptional quality of work and client engagement – you become a core part of the client team, working with them to solve problems that drive real, lasting impact.”
Life Science
“Freedom and performance, dear to me and integral to a-connect’s core principles, are genuinely experienced in daily project delivery.” 
Life Science
“I enjoy working with a-connect because of the interesting, impactful projects that they offer; because of the integrity and trust that characterizes their relationships with clients as well as consultants.”
Life Science

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