Post transaction management

We understand the pressure and complexity of M&A transactions. Executives need to make quick decisions, and speed is essential to delivering results.
We focus on providing post-transaction support to our clients. With our industry and post-transaction experience, we help clients maximize the value of their deals.


Maximizing your post transaction value

We help large corporates and PE-owned portfolio companies maximize the value of acquisitions in the post-transaction phase. We work closely with executives to ensure value realization after the deal and provide support with divestments in the pre-transaction phase.

Our team and community of Independent Consultants have industry and functional expertise specific to post-transaction situations.

We stand out from others by:

Realizing synergies from integrations

We ensure a holistic and more efficient integration process by promptly and responsibly blending the best attributes while keeping a steadfast concentration on generating value.

Delivering with speed

We deliver results without unnecessary delays and are driven by our permanent focus on efficiency.

Emphasizing the importance of people during the post-transaction process

We prioritize people, ensuring they are well-informed, actively involved, and consistently inspired throughout every step of the integration process. Effective change management and communication are essential.

Implementing new ways of working to support delivery

We see every change as an opportunity to evolve, to adopt improved and more efficient work practices.

Our Post-transaction Services

With over 20 years’ Post-Transaction integration experience, enable us to offer:


We can harness your deal’s full potential to drive growth and maximize value creation, by:

  • Establishing and running a well-structured Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Supporting functional initiatives, to address rapid top and bottom-line improvements.

We provide support in merging organizations, processes and systems as well as capturing synergies to achieve cohesive integration.

We craft and roll out new operating models aligned with the strategic objectives of the merged entities.

We guide and contribute to ensure smooth, efficient divestments, allowing businesses to shed non-core assets while maximizing value.

We streamline corporate structures for improved efficiency, reduced complexity and compliance.



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