Integrating a third party logistics provider without disrupting business activities

Growth is a wonderful thing. But it is challenging if your supply operations are running at capacity. In such situations a third-party logistics (3PL) provider can be an ideal solution. But who to select? And, how can you integrate them into your operations without disrupting operations?

5 Minutes Life Sciences 12/26/2023


Growing pains made worse by resourcing issues

A fast-growing manufacturer of blood plasma-derived products had reached its warehousing capacity. Due to the pressing demand for more supply, they needed to find a third-party logistics (3PL) provider to address their space limitations. However, the organization lacked an automated interface for sales and warehousing information to work efficiently with a provider. And, due to resourcing constraints, the local operational business team couldn’t manage the multiple cross-functional teams required to integrate the 3PL provider.


A multidisciplinary team leads the way

a-connect provided hands-on support from our team of experienced consultants and supply chain experts across areas. From setting up an RFP and running the RFP selection process through to the interface design as well as the go-live. We brought much-needed structure, planning, and communication to the table.


Successful selection and integration

A seamless identification, selection and integration of the perfect 3PL partner. All done without causing any disruption to existing warehouse activities. Our multidisciplinary team executed everything on time and within budget. All while delivering high value to the local operational business team.

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