Seizing the opportunity in biologics manufacturing

Understanding a gap in an offering is one thing. Filling it strategically and rapidly is a second critical step. This is particularly true in the world of pharma, thanks to its manifold complexity. Especially, as in the case with our client, you have to work across and align separate business units.

3 Minutes Life Sciences 12/14/2023


A good move, paralyzed by a lack of alignment

A leading Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) had no presence in drug product manufacturing. Specifically, they were underrepresented in the growing mammalian cell-based biologics manufacturing area – a rapidly growing market.  

Their internal team had begun a market assessment and the development of a business case. But were unable to make much progress. This was particularly impeded by divergent interests of the Business Units involved and because an internal cross-functional team was unable to bring about alignment.


Leading a 30 strong team

We brought a very experienced and skilled consultant to this client organization to serve as project champion for a 30+ member client team made up of people from both business units, engineering, operations R&D and innovation management. Through a series of workshops and client sessions, we focused the team on developing business case options for an integrated manufacturing facility that would underpin their foray into biologic drug product.


A gap filled successfully and rapidly

The business case was developed and approved in principle within the leadership team’s set timelines. Plus, the project revenue/CapEx ratio was more than doubled compared to the client’s original expectation. Additionally:

  • The design of the facility was optimized
  • A marketing concept was developed
  • The first letters of intent with customers were signed within a nine-month period
  • Implementation began following final approval
  • Facility announcements were delivered to investors and customers
  • Completed a smooth handover to the client team

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